Josh McCown: He’s got connections

He also proved to Todd Bowles in his first season with the Jets that he is the consummate team leader, living up to his vast and varied experience. He lifted a limited receiving corps to good production in a downfield-oriented passing game. Familiarity and chemistry with coaches and skill players are on his side, and he goes into camp as the clear No. 1.

McCown was more consistent and durable than usual last season. He did miss the final three games with a left hand injury, and although he is in great shape again, history suggests he will show his journeyman form when overextended.

Nagy has inherited better players for his hybrid blocking scheme, which will bring equal benefits for Trubisky and Howard. The continued theme of multiple looks will squeeze even more production out of the Bears’ talent up front.

According to TMZ Sports, Conley filed a lawsuit saying she damaged his reputation with false statements, hurt his draft stock and cost him multiple endorsement deals, including a Nike contract.

Conley wasn’t arrested or charged with a crime, but a year later the woman filed a lawsuit against him in April.

Blame Eric Lindros, Dan Quayle and the Toronto Blue Jays.

In 1992, the NHL farmed out 24 regular-season games to neutral sites, the result of a rare collective bargaining win for the players (pre-Gary Bettman, of course) that bumped the season to 84 games and had them split profits with the owners for those contests.

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