ranks all 32 NFL coaches: Where is the Falcons’ Dan Quinn on the list?

Dan Quinn has accomplished a lot in his first three seasons as a head coach in the NFL, and he’s quickly earned a reputation as one of the game’s ascending head coaches.

Fresh off of taking the Falcons to their second straight playoff appearance, Quinn was named the 11th-best head coach in analyst Elliot Harrison’s recent ranking.

Hey, Matt. Feeling great about the direction of the team this year. Thank you for your continued insights and answers. The Falcons contingent visited our location today during their USO tour of Iraq. There was a large turnout of U.S. and British military personnel, along with a few of us die-hard Falcons fans. Coach Quinn, Ben Garland, Alex Mack, and Matt Bryant were extremely friendly and outgoing to all. Thank you to the Falcons organization for making this happen for us who work and are stationed in Iraq. It is greatly appreciated that they took time to endure the travel in order to visit with us. Rise Up!

Matt: That’s so awesome to hear – and thank you for taking some time to write me. I know how excited everyone was to be heading over there. And how cool is it for you guys who are Falcons fans over there?! Pretty cool stuff, Kevin. Keep us posted on how things are going over there and thanks for reading Straight from the ‘Beek!

Hey Beek. Do you think we have a chance on making to the Super Bowl at home? How great would that be?

Matt: Tim, the Falcons certainly do have a chance. A decent one, in fact. There’s a lot of work to be done, though. And any team in the NFL is capable of winning on any Sunday – I know that sounds cliché but it’s true. The Falcons have the talent and experience on both sides of the ball, but now they must go out and execute once the season starts – and stay healthy. And a little luck (or a few good bounces) always helps, too.

Hey Matt! In this last month or so, Falcons fans have been freaking out about the ongoing contract complications of Julio Jones. What is your take on his holding off from practice? Should we be worried?

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