The San Francisco 49ers have their priorities in order.

Smith fills a void next to Danny Trevathan, but he’s not expecting to walk into a starting position, per NBC Sports Chicago reporter JJ Stankevitz. “I’m not thinking about just being a starter,” Smith said. “I’ll start on special teams if that’s what they want me to do, I’ll do it. It’s not like I’m just saying, ‘Hey, I have to be the starter.’ You crawl before you walk.”

It’s a humble approach that you’d like to see in a rookie, but the defense would immediately improve with Smith as the all-purpose defender in the middle. He’s certainly a Week 1 starter.

The Arizona Cardinals acquired a quarterback who’s ready to play right away. Josh Rosen operated in a pro-style offense under head coach Jim Mora at UCLA. He doesn’t need extensive work getting comfortable under center and comes into the league without concerns about accuracy.

Throughout the evaluation process, the talk about Rosen’s game focused on his character. Is he too outspoken? Does he really love football? Well, we’ll have answers to those questions in his rookie year—but not in Week 1.

Over the last year, four teams have begun to stand out as potential suitors : Cavaliers, Sixers, Lakers and Rockets.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Houston and Los Angeles may not even be realistic options if James wants to win a title again soon.

During a segment on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption on Thursday, Windhorst spoke about James’ future and where he can’t see the all-time great signing.

Well, I just can’t see him going to the Western Conference, Windhorst said. I can not see it. Unless it’s, ‘I just want to be happy and live in Los Angeles.’ Because if just he and Paul George go to the Lakers, unless there’s some other move I can’t see and they’re competing with the Rockets and Warriors, they may win 47 games and get the four seed, then be out in the second round. Maybe he does that, but my gut says he still wants to compete for championships. He’s got to stay East. bucks_243

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