There’s just no way he can afford to buy new Cavs jerseys for everyone

eagles_041Randall has been an up-and-down player so far in his NFL career, but the Browns already picked up his fifth-year option so he’s not set to free agency until 2020. He’ll move to safety after three years of playing cornerback in Green Bay, and if Randall excels in his new role, he could be on his way toward a sizable contract.

For now, though, he’s set to make $1,090,381 in base salary in 2018 with a $424,037 roster bonus. As Randall’s former teammate Davante Adams pointed out, that’s not going to cut it.

But he could go even cheaper. Randall could find the kind of blank practice jerseys that a high school would buy for dodgeball in gym class. Purchase in bulk and just a couple dollars per jersey is doable.

As for RG3, he might not have a long-term future in Baltimore, but he could play a key role in Jackson’s development. With Flacco focused entirely on winning and in the process, prolonging his career with the Ravens (which is what he should be focused on, by the way), mentoring duties could fall to RG3.

Remember, when Dak Prescott was in the middle of his rookie season, it was Mark Sanchez who mentored him. RG3, for all of his shortcomings as an NFL quarterback, can probably help Jackson navigate the gaps he won’t be able to see on his own in part because RG3 already fell into those gaps during his doomed career in Washington.

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